Installing a new Ubuntu 18.04 LT on WSL

I just tried enabling WSL on a new Windows 10 computer today using the instructions I wrote in the post last year and found out that when you launch bash you no longer get to install Ubuntu automatically.

Now you need to download the install from Windows Store which I despise and it doesn’t even let me click the link. Luckily there’s a way around getting the install from Windows Store. You can download the install file directly from the providers of the distros. Click on the link of the distro you prefer. In my case, I picked Ubuntu 18.04.

Once you download the file, just launch it to get the setup going. There’s not much of an indication message during the install so wait a while and click Enter and it would ask for you UNIX username and password. After that the installation is done.

I believe there’s a way to install more than one distro but I’m not going to get into that in this post.

After you have Ubuntu installed, you can follow the previous post to get X-11 server for display output and Anaconda working on WSL.


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