Fixing Ugly Looking Texts on Chrome Web Browser

I have noticed in the recent weeks how pixelated all the texts in my Chrome Browser look. Take a look at Monoprice web page and see how all the texts are pixelated. Compare it to the same page rendered on *gasp* Internet Explorer (not Edge Explorer).

Texts are all pixelated on Google Chrome on this page
Texts are nice and smooth on IE

So why does it do this? I don’t know so I started looking for answers online. I went to several tech forums and posts and many suggested tweaking the settings on Chrome like font anti-aliasing. Noting worked for me until I stumbled upon a comment posted in one of those forums. I can’t remember where I found it now or I would give the author the credit he/she deserves.

To fix the problem I have, I go to:


A warning that this is a settings page that Google doesn’t really want you to mess with unless you know what you are doing. So you probably don’t want to randomly set things. We are just going to just change the option “LCD text antialiasing”. You could search for it on the page by using Ctrl+F or Command + F on Mac.

On my Chrome, it’s set to “Enabled” so I’m just going to set it to “Disabled”. On a different computer, I see it as “Disabled” so I set it to “Enabled”. Basically just toggle the state of that option from whatever you have now to get rid of the text aliasing issue. You could also try setting it to “Default”. If that doesn’t work, you can come back to this page again and set to a different state that works for you.

Chrome will re-launch. If you have nice looking and pixelation free texts again, you are all set!

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