How To Enable Screensaver And Screen Blanking On RPi O/S Bookworm (Running Wayland)

I have been playing with Raspbian OS 64-bit Bookworm for a couple of weeks now. It’s running quite nicely on my 8GB Compute Module 4 on the Radxa Taco v.1.3 breakout board. It’s setup as a Direct Attached Storage (DAS) device that I used samba to share the RAID5 16TB cluster with my local network.

I only need to see the monitor output during the setup and now that it’s up and running I don’t use the display a lot anymore. I noticed that for some reasons the monitor screen never blank out as it did when I was running the previous Bullseye OS. I found out that the Xscreensaver program doesn’t work under Wayland and the work around seems like too much work. If you are interested you can try here:

After browsing the internet for a while looking for a way to get a screen saver or blanking the monitor to work, I discovered that all you need to do is modifying a configuration
sudo nano ~/.config/wayfire.ini

Scroll down to the bottom and add the following

screensaver_timeout = 120
dpms_timeout = 300

The time unit is in milliseconds so in my example, the screen saver comes on after 2 seconds and the screen blanking after 5 seconds. You can put -1 to disable either or both of them. The screen saver is just your screen turning into a spinning cube. I haven’t figured out how to change it to a different option yet, but this will do for now.

Some people complained that this configuration doesn’t work for them. I don’t know the exact reason as to why that would be. I want to note that I only have one monitor running at 1920×1080 @ 60 Hz in a Horizontal orientation. Sounds like people with multiple screens or a vertical orientation might have an issue getting the screen saver or blanking to work properly.